As I’ve continued to move along with my job search, I’ve been able to gain a solid understanding of Big O notation and time complexity in algorithms. This is a very important topic to study when looking for a tech job as most tech interviews will contain at least one algorithm question, and having a base knowledge of time complexity is fundamental to impress any interviewer.

What is Time Complexity?

Time complexity is a measurement of the time it takes for a computer to run a program as a function of the length of the input. Although time is an important factor when writing…

When I was first learning React, I felt overwhelmed by its many unique features and extensions. It was one of the most challenging transitions between phases during my time at Flatiron School. Despite this, I was able to get increasingly comfortable with the framework and expand my skill-set to include many helpful tools, including Redux.

Why Redux?

One of the main reasons so many people use redux is that it utilizes simpler, more streamlined state management for complex or highly populated component hierarchies. …

I originally wrote this article as a career karma review and realized that I had a lot more to say about it than I had thought, so I decided to bring my insights here as well.

In the fall and winter of 2020, I attended Flatiron’s immersive Software Engineering Bootcamp, and, going into it, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I had attended a few informational sessions before my start date, and I was ultimately successful in completing the program, however, there are a few things I wish I had known going into it.

1. Each instructor chooses their own teaching methods

In my transition from phase…

When I was first introduced to React, I found that I had a much harder time adjusting to the new framework than I had with Ruby and vanilla JavaScript. I was not only overwhelmed by the new logic and setup of React, but also by the sheer number of different ways I could go about building an app.

Now that I’ve gotten more comfortable with its logic and syntax, I’ve grown to love its versatility and truly enjoy the process of planning and building my apps.

Functional Components Vs. Class Components

One of the quirks of building a React app is choosing whether to use…

As I’ve continued to navigate the ✨wonderful world of web development✨, my curiosity during everyday browsing has grown immensely. I’ve found myself opening the DevTools in the middle of casually watching a youtube video because I want to know how the comment section is laid out, or admiring the clean functionality of a website I’ve never been to before.

In my experience, one of the core elements of creating a good user experience is HTML DOM events. The best way to bring your site to life is by framing much of your functionality and styling around events.

What are HTML DOM Events??

HTML DOM events…

In our every-day life, we are constantly observing and coming in contact with the world around us. In observing and interacting with our environment, we are forming a new relationship through each interaction. Similarly, in object-oriented programming, objects form relationships with each other through interaction. As programmers, it’s our job to make sure that the relationships between objects are properly aligned to achieve the desired behavior.

In the last six weeks at Flatiron School, I have gained the ability to map out several different model structures in Ruby: one-to-many relationships and many-to-many relationships. …

When I chose to pursue a career in programming, I had countless questions and concerns bouncing around my head. I wondered if I had what it takes to excel in such a complex and competitive work environment. As I began to learn more about the expectations that need to be met as a programmer, I realized that a huge part of gaining success in the coding world is building on my organizational skills.

1. Plan Out Your Code

Although I am still in the earliest weeks of my journey at Flatiron School, I have already learned so much. One of the strategies I use…

Mary Dick

Software Engineer

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